Thursday, January 6, 2011

One of the most difficult days of my life

Imagine bringing a new person into the world and loving her more than you could have ever imagined. Then imagine not being able to hold her because you don't want her to get sick.
I have something going on with my body that I can't figure out. While originally a doctor thought it might be shingles (chicken pox brought on by stress) has now become contact dermatitis. If this all came from me using the wrong detergent I am going to be very annoyed. I just want to hold my baby again, be able to hug and kiss Courtney and Mia and feel comfortable.
This issue hurts like hell and I feel I have a fairly high pain tolerance. I couldn't imagine how this would feel to an infant or toddler so I would prefer to play it safe. In the meantime sadly Courtney is saddled with most of the baby duties and she is doing an amazing job she really is awesome.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My little "Goon"

So, exactly one week ago we welcomed Ms Reagan Natasha Ann Erickson into our lives. Gotta say I was super excited but at the same time uncontrollably nervous.
So Courtney and I went to see "The Fighter" on Monday night knowing that we wouldn't be going to any movies (or really anywhere else) for quite a while. We got home and I ran to the store to grab a few more supplies for the stay at the hospital. Needless the say I didn't sleep well that night but still got some. The next morning I had no problems waking up and getting out of the house. We got to the hospital a little before 5:30 and checked in, we went up to triage and I took a few pics of us and by 7:25 we were ready to go.
Our little Reagan came out at 7:53 only a few moments after I was scolded for commenting on the view of a c-section. Sorry about that honey. It's been a week and while it took a bit of learning I think I am getting the hang of things luckily Courtney knew what to do when we got home and she has done a great job helping me.
No more talking just pictures now:
 Right before we left for the hospital
 All ready to go
 I could have brought one from work
 We took a pic with my finger and her tiny little hand
 First time Courtney got to see Reagan
 The first time I got to hold my Princess
 Time to go to Momma she wants to hold you too

Here she is Reagan Natasha Ann Erickson

The best day of my life

Sound asleep...Still needed to hear Momma breathe

At home and snug like a bug